Leo Hostel 2013 Welcome to Beijing! Huanying ni! With our 8+ years of experience, we are very well established in Beijing & well-known throughout China. We are also continuously listed in several well-known travel guides. All of our guests rave about our excellent location. We are just 10 minutes walk from Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City & the ever-expanding Beijing subway network. Just as good is that we are located inside an ancient hutong area (Beijing's historic alley-streets), with over 600 years of history. From our doorstep you can follow the busy hutong market streets right up to Tiananmen Square itself. Just behind us you can find a quiet, protected hutong residential quarter, where you can get a unique glimpse into the traditional lifestyle of "old Beijing".... We hope that you enjoy our website. We look forward to seeing you in Beijing..! If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, please contact us... Find the lucky coin for a year's good luck! Or just settle for a free beer ;) “Come here if you want a great location next to Tiananmen Square and the subway lines, with a historic market area right on your doorstep!”  Enda Conway, Ireland Lonely Planet China: "Popular and ever busy, it's best to phone ahead to book a room at this bargain hostel tucked away down Dazhalan Xijie. It has an attractive interior courtyard... a lively bar and a fine location. Employees at reception make solid efforts at wooing international backpackers." Rough Guide China: "Big, well-run hostel, 10 minute's  walk from Tiananmen Square, with a bar, pool table, movie lounge & free maps. It's on the bustling pedestrianized Dazhalan street. It's easy to find. A leafy & attractive courtyard..." Made using Si*2013 “Leo’s Dream...” Back in 2003, there were no real ‘hostels’ in Beijing - just chinese hotels where foreigners were allowed to stay. After working in hotels and hearing so many complaints from western guests about poor service, Leo decided to quit his job and dedicate his life to opening Beijing’s first hostel. With his self- taught english, a loan from his family, a trusted friend, and LOTS of loyal support from his guests, he was able to accomplish his dream at the end of 2004. Thanks to all the guests who have stayed here over the years, and welcome to all our new foreign friends! email: leohostel@outlook.com tel: (00)(86)(010)63176288 Book early for china's spectacular one week holiday (note: earplugs not supplied) Thanks so much to all past & present guests! I promise to continue doing my best in the future...! Busy market streets outside. Busy bar inside. Escape to the courtyard!
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